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  • 10+ hours of video + digital content.................... ($7,997 Value)
  • 1 Live Training per month (recorded)................... ($247 Value)
  • ​1 Live Q+A and sharing circle per month............. ($247 Value)
  • ​An online container for accountability.................. ($1,547 Value)
  • ​An infinite realm of opportunity............................. (Priceless)

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Do you offer refunds?
There are NO refunds for HELD... UNLESS you go through it all, show me allll the work you do and come to the conclusion that it was somehow not helpful AT ALL for you ;)
When do we start?
We officially start on February 22nd, 2021. You will get an email when you join with the schedule to make sure you are all booked and set for our four months together!
Can you guarantee my success and healing?
No and if you ever meet someone who guarantees success or healing, run FAST in the opposite direction.
Here's what I can tell you about my offerings... every single client that I've ever had that has committed to the process, been consistent, and allowed themselves to heal in their own time has met their goals + desires on time, in divine timing.
What if I'm scared to join?
GOOD! That means you're in the right place. You want to be a little bit scared to invest in your future (emotionally, financially, time-wise, etc....), it means you're about to level-up into where you're meant to be.

Feel into the part of you that’s already inside of Held...

Feel into her JOY, her commitment, her excitement, her butterflies, her absolute alignment to where she’s meant to be!

And then click 'YES, I WANT TO JOIN HELD' from that space-

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