Welcome Home, Soul Sister...

Have you ever felt unfulfilled 'cause you think more than you take action?
And yet you always have known that deep down, you are destined to have all the abundance you could ever desire?

I get it. I really do.

I felt the exact same way four years ago when I was working my dream job, traveling around the world and yet I felt like something was missing.

I was overworked and underpaid. I knew that I had to make a move but I was so scared of making the wrong decision that I felt trapped in a lifestyle that was no longer meant for me.

I was ready to start living my purpose but I didn't know where to start.

I listened to hundreds of podcasts, binged YouTube videos, read every spiritual and self-help book imaginable yet nothing gave me the answers I was looking for.

At four in the morning, I dragged myself out of my warm bed to get ready and shovel off the mountain of snow on top of my car. I drove the same commute down dark and empty streets to get to work. It was the holiday season; the dreaded time in my line of work. As soon as the clock struck six o'clock, customers rushed in, all trying to avoid the cold and do last-minute holiday shopping. 

A few hours in and I felt anxiety start to kick in. My chest tightened... I started feeling dizzy and couldn't focus... butterflies in my stomach... 

Everything is hazy from then on. I woke up to my co-worker asking if I was okay. She told me I had passed out and had been asleep for almost an hour.

I knew what had happened. 

A panic attack.

I was so overwhelmed by the thoughts racing through my head that they all shut down and I could finally hear it clearly...

The voice of my intuition.

My intuition was telling me it was time to trust. It said I should say 'yes' to the next opportunity that comes my way because it would be the one to lead me down the path I had been searching for.

Just one short week later, I connected with a like-minded woman over Instagram who synchronistically lived in the same state. She invited me to a fire ceremony on the Winter Solstice at a Shamanic Healing Arts Center I had never heard of before. And of course, this center was located in the exact same town I worked in.

I said yes.

I was introduced to a whole new world of information. It was everything I was craving and more.

It felt like home.

I was home.

I dedicated the next few years, over 1,000+ hours, to learning the ins and outs of everything that was taught there- the Shamanic Arts, various healing modalities, holding space as a coach and much more.

All of which I had to activate and lean into my intuition to do. Further, I had to TRUST my intuition through learning and practicing all of these things. And it became stronger and stronger.

My intuition lead me down a path of more abundance- the opportunity to quit my job, to meet my dream man, to start my own business as a Shamanic Practitioner, serving my absolute dream clients from across the world... all while making money to fuel my desire to continue traveling. 

Together, we are going to collapse time so you can start living the life you're meant to live, starting NOW. Are you ready?



Instead of spending years sorting through YouTube videos, podcasts, and books...
You can easily learn my secret healing techniques and start living the life you're meant to live, now!

Shhh... Here's a Sneak Peek at the Secrets

1. Get Grounded

Ahhhh how this step is so known yet so overlooked. Getting grounded is the KEY to unlocking everything that you want. Truly, 'cause living in a subdued state of fight or flight mode is not going to cut it anymore.

We'll go through simple yet potent grounding exercises and practice them daily, to hold ourselves accountable. Through this, your connection to your root- your centering point to the Earth- will become stronger than ever. Safety + security will be found within.

When your body feels safe, the invisible energy field surrounding you opens up and allows you to work in + around it with more ease.

2. Make Space

The energy field stores energetic imprints of all significant physical, emotional, mental + Soul experiences that you have accumulated through your past and current lifetimes. Some of these imprints cause you no harm and therefore can be left alone... whereas some of these imprints are causing you distress, pain, limiting beliefs + so on, therefore needing to be recognized and released.

When you recognize and release said imprints, space is created in the energy field. This experience feels similarly to when you have a heavy weight on your chest, it is lifted and you can finally breathe again. Now, the energy field can 'breathe' again.

3. Remember

Ever heard me say 'codes'? Abundance codes... soul codes... pleasure codes...? This step is all about CODES, baby. You have a unique code that connects you to everything you're meant to experience. So if abundance or intuition or freedom had a lock on it, the code would be the KEY to unlocking that potential.

At this step, when there is new space made in the energy field, pure light from infinite Source is poured in + contains your unique codes, new destiny lines, Soul gifts and healing.

Now you'll start to remember who you are, what you were born to do, your gifts and more importantly- what you need to do to get there.

4. Call It In

Mmm, the sweet spot of co-creation. Together, we'll debunk myths that we're in this life 'alone' and that we need to stay in control at all times to make our dreams happen. NOPE. Thank you and goodbye.

You'll learn what it is you desire to create, on a Soul level, by tapping into your intuition. You'll clearly discern the difference between your ego voice + your intuitive voice. You'll even learn how to align with the consciousness of the creation that wants to move through you and ask it how it wants to be brought to life.

And what I find to be the most important teaching of this step... you'll learn to surrender any attachment to the outcome and give it all up to the divine.

TRUST is the name of the game we'll be playing here.

The Modules

In each module of Held, we'll be diving deep into each of these areas so that by the end of the four months, you'll have a more fulfilling and joyful life.

How To Know If It's For You...

  • You're a spiritual AF womxn or you're ready to dive into it
  • ​You KNOW you're destined for a badass, soul-aligned life but you're not sure how to get there
  • You feel unfulfilled with your current lifestyle... 
  • ​...and you judge yourself for being indecisive about what path to choose next
  • ​You want a life of MORE freedom, abundance AND certainty
  • ​You wonder what life would look like if you just said 'YES'...
  • ​You're DONE playing small.
  • ​You're ready to call in ALL your deepest desires...
  • ​...and you're ready to release the patterns that are keeping you stuck.
  • ​You know that with the right support + accountability, you WILL show up for your growth

When You Join, You Will Receive:

  • ​10+ hours of video + digital content to learn at your own pace.................... ($7,997 Value)
  • ​1 Live Training per month (recorded, if you can't make it live!)................... ($247 Value)
  • 1 Live Q+A and sharing circle per month, where you can ask anything....... ($247 Value)
  • ​An online container for accountability + magic to unfold, through FB........ ($1,547 Value)
  • An infinite realm of opportunity....................................................................... Priceless

$10,038 Value!!

You receive it at $1,333 only $999!!!

Why Now?

Your idea of success, having freedom, love, money, connection, a SOUL ALIGNED LIFE... it's all a choice.

If you say yes...

2021 can be the year that you defy ALL odds.

Against all odds, you WILL thrive.

These odds no longer have any power over you.

The fear of 'what ifs' that keep you stagnant...
The comparison game you play, making you feel 'less than' + not worthy...
Secretly wishing you could just teleport to a private island, alone, so you don't have to deal with the overwhelm and feeling like a watered down version of yourself anymore...

2021 can be the year that you say goodbye to ALL of that.

Feel it, thank it, release it and say GOODBYE.

It's time to welcome your truest self to the table.

Life is meant to be CELEBRATED, not sacrificed. 

Your purpose is meant to be SHARED, not stressed about.

Your bank account is meant to be checked through GRATITUDE, not fear.

You're meant to jump out of bed screaming "FUCK YES!", not "uggggh".

2021 can be YOUR YEAR to open up to infinite possibilities.

It only takes 5 seconds of courage to say YES and make it happen.


Do you offer refunds?
There are no refunds for Held... unless you go through it all, show me allll the work you did and come to the conclusion that it was somehow not helpful AT ALL for you ;)
When do we start?
We officially start on February 22nd, 2021. You will get an email when you join with the schedule to make sure you are all booked and set for our four months together!
Can you guarantee my success and healing?
No and if you ever meet someone who guarantees success or healing, run FAST in the opposite direction.
Here's what I can tell you about my offerings... every single client that I've ever had that has committed to the process, been consistent, and allowed themselves to heal in their own time has met their goals + desires on time, in divine timing.
What if I'm scared to join?
GOOD! It means you're in the right place. When you're a little bit scared to invest in your future (emotionally, financially, time-wise, etc....), it means you're about to level-up, big time, into where you're meant to be.

Feel into the part of you that’s already inside of Held...

Feel into her JOY, her commitment, her excitement, her butterflies, her absolute alignment to where she’s meant to be.

And then click 'YES, I'M READY TO JOIN' from that space!

Early Bird Price is NOW 'til February 15th

+ the price raises to $1,333 paid in full ... $444.33 for 3 months ... and $222.17 for 6 months
on February 15th


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